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Crawley Ridge Junior School

Live the Learning; Learn for Life

General Information

Broadmoor Warning System:

In the event of any escape from Broadmoor, the siren will sound. Schools are notified by telephone at once. Until the 'all clear' goes, all children may only be sent home with an adult.  The children will be kept in school until an appropriate adult arrives to collect them. 

ParentMail texting operates for emergencies, which might necessitate closure of the school.

Charging for School Activities:

Please refer to our Charging and Remissions Policy. (ParentZone - school policies)

Complaints Procedure:

Schools are required by the Education Reform Act to make parents aware of the leaflet 'Responding to Parents' Concerns'. The complaints policy is in the policies section of the Parent Zone section.

The document stresses that most complaints can be best settled locally in informal discussions with the Head Teacher and/or other members of staff in the school. 

We do agree with this wholeheartedly and would also stress statements already made in the prospectus. It is important to contact us as soon as you have any concern, no matter what it might be. 

Sometimes children would prefer parents not to bring matters to the School's attention. Please assure your child that we do understand and cannot make things right unless we know the problem.


The nature of our site and building poses some difficulty for those with physical disabilities but we are pleased to admit pupils with disabilities and special arrangements can be made.

 The school has installed disabled toilets and ramps have been created for wheelchair access.

We are an inclusive school and as such we ensure disabled pupils are included in all activities, including school visits. Whenever we upgrade aspects of the building we take account of the need for physical and sensory disabilities.

Our Equality, Diversity and Community Cohesion Policy and our accessibility plan are available at the school office and on the website.


Please refer to our home learning policy. (Parent Zone - school policies)

Illness at School:

Should a child become ill at school we attempt to contact the parents immediately. We do have qualified First Aiders. However, we have no room with facilities in which we can care for a sick child and parents will be telephoned immediately and requested to collect their child. 

If your child is unwell and unable to attend school, please contact the school office before 9am on the first day of illness.

If your child is suffering from a stomach bug, please wait 48 hours from the last episode before returning them to school.

Jewellery and Watches:

Only the wearing of one pair of plain stud earrings and a watch are allowed at school and children must remove these for all physical activities, as they constitute a potential health and safety hazard. It is not possible for staff to be responsible for these articles, especially as children forget to collect them after the lesson. We advise that children leave earrings at home on the days when they have physical education.   

We suggest that if your child must have their ears pierced, this should be done at the end of July when there are six weeks Summer holiday for them to heal!


Only prescribed medicines can be given to children. Parents are required to seek agreement from the member of staff responsible and are requested to complete a form giving us permission to administer the all medicines. Please note that lip salve is considered to be a medicine.

Parent/Teacher Consultations:

During the year, opportunities will be given for meetings with the teachers on an appointment basis in order that the parents may discuss their child's progress. Staff hold weekly ‘surgeries’ for parents to share concerns with teachers and to enable progress to be maintained.

Throughout the year the school holds open mornings, when parents are invited to attend the school and take part in lessons. We believe that this gives parents the opportunity to experience the school first-hand and appreciate the children's work throughout the school.

In addition to this we wish to emphasise that parents are welcome to contact the school at any time and request an appointment. It will be made as soon as possible. We are well aware that small matters can rapidly grow into larger ones and that there is nothing gained by delay.

Members of staff may approach parents if they feel the need for a parental interview. This could be for a variety of reasons relating to a child's school life, either academic or social.

Pastoral Care:

We are a small school and are in the position of being able to know all the people in it. Pastoral care is initially with the class teacher, but senior members of staff and the Head Teacher will always be made aware of pastoral problems, and indeed, every member of our staff feels a responsibility to every child.

When a child enters the school from their Infant School, they are paired with an older child who acts as a ‘buddy’ and mentor for them and helps them to get to know the school during their first few weeks.

Safeguarding Children:

All staff are trained in Child Protection Procedures. Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is the Assistant Head for Inclusion and the Deputy Head Teacher and the Head Teacher are both Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads.Please refer to our Child Protection Policy. (Parent Zone - school policies)

Toys and Games:

Every Thursday is 'Toy Day' where children are invited to bring a toy to play with at lunchtime.  

To minimise heartbreak, we request that children do not bring to school anything which is precious to them in either monetary or sentimental terms unless they have been especially asked to do so by their teacher and no electronic games are allowed.


Parents' vehicles are not permitted in the school grounds for health and safety reasons. Crawley Ridge can become very congested at school opening and closing times and parents/carers are asked to park carefully and considerately when collecting or depositing their children. We also ask that parents switch off their engines when waiting outside the school to preserve the air quality on that part of Crawley Ridge.