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Crawley Ridge Junior School

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School Development Plan

How we develop our School Development Plan at CRJS

We start with our vision:  where do we want our school to be in 3 years’ time?   The school team and governors revisit this every year to ensure it is sufficiently ambitious and still relevant.

We know there are key drivers that we must focus on in order to achieve our vision, such as our leadership and management and the quality of teaching and learning.

And for each of these key drivers, we develop strategies and plans and continually track our progress.

Every year, we revisit these strategies to ensure we are making the right choices and therefore enacting the right detailed plans.  We do this by looking closely at our school.  We consider our school data in detail, both achievement and progress, at a total level and then broken down into the different pupil groups, including higher skilled children, children with special educational needs, boys and girls.  We review external reports such as Ofsted, local Authority reviews, external expert reviews, governor monitoring.  We listen to the opinions of parents, pupils, teachers and we look outside, to other schools and organisations for their expert insight.

All of this results in a “School Self Evaluation” or SEF, which analyses those aspects where we are doing very well and those where further development is required.  The most important ones are those that most impact our long term strategic plan and these become our priorities.

For each of these priorities, we draft a detailed plan for the year ahead, called the “School Development Plan”.  Each priority is allocated to a governor, who will meet regularly with a member of the school team to ensure that the plan is being executed.  Governors then review progress continually in governor meetings, challenging the school team where required if progress is not being made.

This School Development is designed to give the school team line of sight of the areas to focus on, that will make the difference in achieving our longer term vision; alongside all of the day to day tasks of course.  And for parents and stakeholders, we hope it means you can understand our priorities and why we take the actions that we do, so that you can support us and your children in the most effective way.