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Year 4 News of The Week


We are having a wonderful time studying habitats and using our school grounds to discover what exactly is on our classroom steps. From our Year 4 Sleepover and out Forest School Wednesday lessons we are becoming inquisitive explorers. 

Our favourite moment on the sleepover was the falconry display:

  • Seeing the owls and how they moved and their wings.
  • I enjoyed the kookaburra. The sound it made and how it could keep its head still.
  • I really liked seeing the falcon and what the two holes in its nose were for. When it flied down, it can breathe clearly and it stops too much air getting in.
  • I enjoyed the big owl that could puff itself up to make it appear creepy. It could scare away creatures.

Forest School is fun and helps us to learn:

  • Making the rafts to tie the knots and to weave the string.
  • I enjoyed the pond-dipping as I haven't seen a newt before.
  • Pond-dipping because we found so many different creatures.
  • I like exploring the grounds so you can find animals you have never seen before. And, building the nests was fun and challenging as you couldn't use your hands. You could only get one item at a time to construct it.