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London Museum of Water and Steam

On Wednesday 1st November, Year 6 enjoyed an exciting day at the London Museum of Water and Steam near Kew Bridge, exploring the many interactive displays. They even had the opportunity to meet James Watt as a professional actor brought this important historical figure to life.

The hands-on displays gave the children an opportunity to perform water filtration experiments and appreciate the importance of water in our lives. Torben described  one of the displays that used levers and pulleys to make water move up a tube and make fans spin. Mya and Sian remembered some intriguing and also rather disgusting facts about germs on credit cards and money. They explained that only 3% of the world's water is fit for drinking.

All the children were lucky enough to watch a steam engine work - they climbed up to a high viewing platform and commented that the engine was extremely loud and also made the floor vibrate when it worked. The engine used a vacuum system to pull water up and then push it through pipes. Visiting the museum also helped the children better understand the significance of Boulton and Watt and how their contributions helped fuel the Industrial Revolution. They all commented on how good the actor was who played James Watt; he could answer all the children's questions and stayed in character all the time. 

Thank you to Jamie, Mya, Sian, Torben and TJ for helping with this report.