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Children In Need Success!

Report by Chloe Burrows - Hazel Class School Counsellor

Liberty Ferris, Maya Akbar-Phillips, Connie Vooght and Olivia Chiles worked with the School Council to raise money for Children In Need. They wrote a letter to Mrs Knight asking if it was okay to do so - it was! School Council agreed and so did the classes, but the staff weren't so keen on the original idea of a pyjama day.

One day, the girls came to a School Council meeting to talk over their ideas. Eventually, spots and crazy hats (with no hair dye) won the vote, pleasing a lot of people.

On the day, so many people dressed up and paid donations to the charity. All the money raised came to £301! The pupils were immensely pleased.

We owe the girls a huge thank you for giving us the idea.

By Chloe Burrows - Hazel Class