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Year 4 News of the Week

Learning about habitats

Year 4 News of the Week

Year 4 has branched out into Forest School to continue learning about habitats. In our first session, we explored some food chains of animals from a forest habitat. We remembered the scientific vocabulary and have been able to apply it in our science lessons about food chains and food webs.

We learnt the names and characteristics of the birds we might find in our school grounds by playing some games. Then, we thought about bird habitats and bird nests. Using tweezers to mimic bird beaks, we worked in teams to build a nest which would protect a fragile egg. It was far more difficult than we thought it would be as the leaves and moss kept slipping off the tweezers!



In preparation for our next session, we learnt how to tie two knots: the reef knot and the clove hitch. These were quite challenging to master! We are looking forward to using these skills in our next sessions.  



We have also used our Forest School experiences to inspire some Tanka poems in English. Enjoy!

1,2,3 Where are you?

Cramped in the bushes,

Camouflaged in the lush leaves

Waiting to be found.

I could hear birds singing loud.

Footsteps. Footsteps. I am found…


Nest building

Layer by layer,

Delicately piling twigs

Uneven coating

Greenery spaciously placed

Being busy like a bird


Building nests

Finding resources

Using tweezers of hardship

Protecting the egg

Camouflaged in vivid trees

Comfortable feathery beds