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Year 3 News of The Week

Spangled Pandemoniums abound in Year 3!

Last week, Year 3 spent the day designing and making their pneumatic Spangled Pandemonium creatures. We were so excited to be able to finally create them!

First, we began with designing our creatures according to our design brief and criteria. Then, by applying what we had learnt about pneumatic systems earlier in the term, we created the pneumatic mechanism with a balloon, some plastic tubing and a lot of sticky tape.

Covering the boxes proved to be very tricky but we persevered. Ultimately, we have decided that tissue paper is the best material for this task.

Afterwards, we decorated the housing to make it look like a Spangled Pandemonium. Both classes were a hive of activity with cutting, sticking and problem solving. Our finished creations will take pride of place on our classroom walls.