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Design Technology

Our DT Subject Leader is Miss Sarah Chick.



In Design and Technology, we aim to enthuse children to function successfully within a rapidly changing society. We believe that DT is about providing children with relevant, real-life contexts for learning. They appreciate the history of technological development and use this as inspiration to become innovative designers of the future. Pupils should be able to think critically about their designs, including those of existing products. We encourage children to think through problems creatively, both as individuals and collaboratively. Our aim is to nurture pupils to become resilient, independent thinkers who are not afraid to take risks.


In all year groups, lessons follow and cover all aspects of the National Curriculum, through the ‘Projects on a Page’ and ‘KAPOW’ national schemes of work (which are both endorsed by the Design and Technology Association). This enables our teachers to deliver creative, inspiring and engaging lessons and provides a progression of skills and knowledge.

Each project follows the principles of the 3Ss:

Make ‘Something’ – For ‘Someone’ – For ‘Some Purpose’.

These projects can either be taught over a 4-week period or, if it suits, teachers may feel that it can be taught as a focused block over the course of a few days. Each unit follows the design, make and evaluate cycle. In D&T lessons, children will be inspired by engineers, designers, chefs and architects to enable them to create a range of structures, mechanisms, textiles, electrical systems and food products with a real-life purpose.


Our Design and Technology curriculum enables and encourages our children to becomes critical thinkers. Through DT our children learn to take risks, become resourceful, innovative and enterprising individuals. Children learn to be passionate and excited by the designing and making of products including working with, preparing and tasting food. Learning is assessed through the analysis of the pupil’s ability to evaluate, design, make and improve their own work.