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Our Science Subject Leader is Miss Sarah Chick.


In science, we aim to develop and sustain attitudes of wonder and surprise through a range of scientific enquiry. Our children are naturally curious about the world in which they live. Which is why, at the heart of our studies, we foster a safe environment for all learners, to ask questions and seek answers through practical investigations and broader research opportunities.


We follow the National Curriculum for science ensuring all pupils develop their scientific knowledge and understanding through biology, physics and chemistry. Where possible, study is through observation and experiment, with the children forming hypotheses, carrying out investigations, measuring, recording, comparing, looking for patterns or anomalies and analysing data. In their studies, the children will use a growing range of appropriate scientific vocabulary and apply mathematical skills when collecting and presenting data. Key knowledge underpins each unit of study and forms the foundation of their next steps as they progress in their learning.


Our extensive and beautiful school grounds, environmental pond area and Forest School play an invaluable part in our learning. These areas are increasingly important in developing a real appreciation of the complexity of the environment and how it evolves through the seasons; in understanding the impact humans can have to change or damage it and in realising the importance of the need to take care of it as a precious resource for all our futures.

By stimulating and encouraging children’s interest in science, they will learn to question and discuss science-based issues with confidence, as well as have a fuller understanding of how major scientific ideas have changed our lives and will influence the future. Children will explore the contributions of scientists and how their studies helped further scientific understanding. Through their studies they will become informed, responsible and respectful scientists.