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Your Fund Application

Surrey County Council is giving local communities up to £100m over the next five years to spend on projects that improve their local area. This is money put aside to empower YOU, Surrey residents.

The fund aims to empower communities by:

  • Connecting - residents and community groups to build ideas
  • Stimulating - local engagement and involvement
  • Providing - the financial backing for community-led projects
  • Delivering - benefits that match local need
  • Build - local resilience and sustainability by helping people help themselves

We’re encouraging everybody to get involved and think BIG. 

At CRJS we are submitting a proposal for a new community space. You can find out more below. 


CRJS Your Fund Proposal


We would like to remove and replace the existing ‘Studio’ building. Our plan is to ensure a long-term, fit-for-purpose solution which would meet the demands of the school but also provide much needed community space.


In recent years we have seen an increase in demand for lettings from groups in our wider community. We already provide space for the local WI group but due to issues with site security and commitments to school PTA events, we are unable to offer our facilities more widely. Community groups for yoga and a local Brownie pack have reached out to us but we have had to turn them away.

As the need for community support becomes more important than ever, we believe that this project could provide much needed space to reach out into the Surrey Heath community. With the building of a modern, purpose-built space, we would be able to accept lettings from groups within the community and we would be able to provide a hub for a Home School Linker Worker to work from therefore supporting many families in our surrounding area at an Early Help level. Our school is also part of a wider Multi-Academy Trust and if we receive the funding, we would be able to provide family support and training to parents and families across the MAT extending our community reach beyond the immediate area.

We have recently considered the safety of a dedicated entrance to the Studio building and we have ensured that the area around the current building is well- lit; there is also ample parking along the existing driveway and the building is on one level allowing the facility to be fully accessible. 

The proposed new build would have its own direct access and security allowing it to be used as a separate resource to the school during evenings, weekends and school holidays. The new build would have a kitchenette area and toilet facilities and we would look for the rooms and spaces inside to work flexibly. This would allow the school to maximise its use during the school day to support vulnerable children and ensure that the community groups making use of the facility can do so in a way that will meet their needs.


  • Knock down existing studio buildings – they are in a poor condition and beyond repair. There is damp and occasional mice infestations caused by poor pipework and cracks and holes in the structure. The building is subsiding in the middle.
  • Replace with a purpose-built modular unit. Unit would have its own alarm system, separate to the school, its own toilets and kitchenette. The separate alarm would enable groups to access the building without needing any access to the school. This would ensure the security of the school during lettings.
  • The driveway provides parking for a number of cars in the evening as well as ample space along the road. Work has already been done on improving lighting in the area, though some additional lighting may be required.

Please follow this link to the map and find our project and LIKE it. The more LIKES we receive the more likely we are to be able to provide this much needed resource to our community. 


Your Fund Surrey Link